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December 2021


An exciting opportunity to join an experienced team providing senior Data Science support for significant public sector procurement.

Permanent Position only.


You will be…

  • Knowledgeable of key machine learning based algorithms: Supervised (Linear regression, SVM, Random Forests, Gradient Boosting and Neural Networks), Unsupervised (KMeans, Gaussian Mixtures) etc and the entire end to end ML pipeline.
  • Able to identify opportunities to help clients solve problems using appropriate Data Science techniques.
  • Able to act as the company lead with a supplier community of experts in the deployment of AI solutions, particularly around NLP.
  • Someone at home in both Predictive Analytics environments as ML Classifiers.
  • Experienced in deploying on cloud technologies, particularly Azure or AWS.
  • Experienced in writing and deploying Advanced ML and AI approaches in production, particularly within Public Sector organisations.
  • A strong track record in manipulating, processing, and extracting value from large, disconnected datasets using appropriate tools, e.g., Python, R, MATLAB, Apache OpenNLP, MongoDB, SQL, Kafka, Spark, NiFi, Java and C++ etc.
  • Someone who can conceive, establish, manage, and maintain client-centred relationships with strong communication skills.
  • Adaptive and Flexible in your consultative style with proven persuasion and effective challenge.
  • Be willing to fully engage, be supportive and take on the challenges of working cross-functionally with a wide variety of people.
  • Able to build your own network of contacts, share your knowledge and network for mutual benefit, be a fast learner, be willing to make mistakes and get things done.
  • A Thought Leader – we want you to be inspiring and in return we will offer the freedom to turn your ideas into reality.

You will have …


  • Strong analytical & statistical skills.
  • An excellent command of the standard libraries for data science (NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Keras/Tensorflow, etc or equivalents in other programming languages).
  • Demonstrable proficiency in large scale data mapping, migration, enrichment, profiling, and querying.
  • Strong, demonstrable, rapid written and verbal communication skills, particularly in being able to explain complex topics to a less technical audience.
  • Masters (or equivalent) in numerate subjects such as, Mathematics, Engineering or Physics, or equivalent work experience.
  • Confident and familiar with a range of standard tools such as MS Office and visualisation / analytical environments such as PowerBI, etc.
  • Strong configuration control approach and pro-active approach to documentation.
  • Strong client-centred stakeholder management.
  • The willingness and ability to gain UK Security Clearance (SC) as a minimum.
  • Willingness to take managed risks and assess impact effectively.
  • Comfort in inviting challenge and where appropriate involving others in decision making
  • The ability to act as a role model and encourage/coach and mentor others.
  • The ability to identify and address team or individual capability requirements and gaps to deliver current and future work.
  • Experience in following appropriate financial procedures to monitor contracts to ensure deliverables are achieved.
  • The ability to manage suppliers contributing project components of a larger Data Science oriented Programme of work.


  • Experience managing a small team
  • Relevant certification (e.g., BCS in DevOps, Agile, AWS, Azure).
  • Have worked on NLP problems such as Text Classification, PII detection, Sentiment Analysis, Text Summarization, Information Retrieval etc.
  • Experience with standard NLP techniques such as N-grams, word embeddings and/or transformer-based systems etc.


Seeing the Big Picture

  • An ability to focus on the goals and overall intent rather than just individual tasks.
  • Taking an active interest in expanding your own knowledge.

Changing and Improving

  • Taking the initiative to suggest ideas for improvement of yours or others’ approaches in an appropriate way.
  • Learning new procedures and seeking to exploit new technologies and helping colleagues to do the same.

Making Effective Decisions

  • An ability to speak with relevant people in order to obtain the most accurate information and seek advice when unable to proceed.
  • Monitor and store critical data securely and accurately, confidentially and responsibly.

Leading and Communicating

  • Listen to, understand, respect and accept the value of different views, ideas and ways of working.
  • Put forward your own ideas in a clear and constructive manner, choosing an appropriate communication method.

Collaborating and Partnering

  • Readily identify opportunities to share knowledge, information and learning and make progress by working with others, and other organisations.
  • Proactively seek others with whom collaboration would deliver benefit.

Building Capability for All

  • Take responsibility for quality of your own work and seek opportunities for improvement through continuous improvement.
  • Take account of the diverse contributions of team members.

Achieving Commercial Outcomes

  • Recognise factors which contribute to achievement of commercial outcome and proactively support them.
  • Gather and use evidence to assess the costs, benefits and risks of a range of delivery options.

Delivering value for money

  • Understand that all actions have a cost and choose the most effective way to do something in a resource efficient way.
  • Handle numbers confidently, collating information ensuring accuracy of data.

Managing a Quality Service

  • Work with team to set priorities, create clear plans and manage own work to meet the needs of the delivery teams.
  • Communicate in a way which meets and anticipates the customer’s requirements and promotes an effective view of SVGC.


  • Opportunity to play a significant part within a small business.
  • Joining unique projects to learn, grow and excel, by learning on-the-job, learning from others and through formal learning.
  • Work in a supportive culture with access to a wide range of people to support your development – with professional qualifications and mentoring to help you steer your career in your chosen direction.
  • Be at the heart of the digital revolution in globally important organisations.
  • Earn a competitive salary, with 28 days holiday plus bank holidays and the ability to design a flexible benefits package to meet your personal needs.
  • SVGC is based in Wiltshire but you will be operating partly from home and partly in various locations in the South of England.


  • SVGC provides and active approach to professional development with a centrally funded budget including full scope of EdX courses available to all our staff.
  • Coaching and mentoring is provided utilising the best experience across our collaborative partnership to provide a wide range of formal and informal accelerated development.


  • Entitlement to join the company Medical Insurance scheme.
  • Additional Health related benefits.
  • IT and Mobile Phone.
  • Starting Salary (employed) SVGC F2 to G2 grade (£60,900 to £76,125) based on individual skills
  • Entitlement to join the company Pension scheme
  • Company performance bonus scheme


Assessment methods

  • Work history review
  • Triage Interview followed by 2nd interview including presentation on relevant topic

Evaluation weighting

Technical criteria: 50%
Cultural criteria: 30%
Cost: 20%

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