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An exciting opportunity to join an experienced team providing a wide variety of programme management in support of public sector procurement.

Permanent Position only.


You will be…

  • A senior test manager with significant experience of leading quality assurance and testing (QAT) strategies as part of a broader risk-based approach within public sector digital transformation programmes.
  • Experienced in the design and management of continuous improvement processes.
  • Experienced with researching new technology and new techniques to implement change.
  • Familiar with the challenges and rigour of software and solution development / deployment.
  • A leader, with strong communication skills, able to establish policy for the test team and set the testing strategy, making important decisions and providing organisational leadership to build the QAT community.
  • Ability to to visualise, articulate and solve complex problems and concepts, making disciplined decisions based on available information.
  • Able to apply logical thinking and gather and analyse information using a range of tools and techniques.
  • Adept at using data to formulate both short-term and long-term strategic plans, identify and analyse options, and assess feasibility and operational impact.
  • Experienced in assuring that the business solution aligns with the vision, mission, objectives, strategy and the business and user needs.
  • Able to think creatively, ask the right questions and critically evaluate and communicate findings to a larger team.
  • Able to lead investigative work into problems and opportunities in existing processes.
    Able to drive the collection of information and creation of recommendations for improvements, absorbing large amounts of conflicting information and using it to determine solutions. Adaptive and Flexible in your consultative style with proven persuasion and effective challenge.
  • Willing to fully engage, be supportive and take on the challenges of working cross-functionally with a wide variety of people.
  • Able to build your own network of contacts, share your knowledge and network for mutual benefit, be a fast learner, be willing to make mistakes and get things done.
  • A Thought Leader – we want you to be inspiring and in return we will offer the freedom to turn your ideas into reality.

In this role, you are likely to be working with approaches such as …

  • Functional and non-functional testing.
  • Design and/or assurance of appropriate risk-based, end-to-end system integration test models.
  • Design and execution of a wide range of testing techniques, with appropriate communication of test results to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Development of products and services and analysis of any changes to them.
  • Defect identification, with appropriate business alerts and defect prioritisation based on severity.

You will have …


  • Experience with a range of contemporary technologies including cloud platforms, open
    source and ‘aaS’ services to better enable and enhance the delivery of QAT services.
  • The willingness and ability to gain UK Security Clearance (SC) as a minimum.
  • Excellent understanding of industry developments to make cost-effective use of new and emerging tools and technologies.
  • Strong ability to use a breadth of knowledge from across the wider technology and digital professions, strengthening the effective delivery of services.
  • Strong professional awareness, which may include architecture, continuous integration and deployment, coding or scripting languages.
  • A strong mathematical ability, likely to have a degree in Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Statistics, Computing or similar.


  • Experience in Scaled Agile environments.
  • Experience of DevOps environments in Defence & Security or other Public Sector.
  • Modelling and architectural skills and range of toolset experience.


Seeing the Big Picture

  • An ability to focus on the goals and overall intent rather than just individual tasks.
  • Taking an active interest in expanding your own knowledge.

Changing and Improving

  • Taking the initiative to suggest ideas for improvement of yours or others’ approaches in an appropriate way.
  • Learning new procedures and seeking to exploit new technologies and helping colleagues to do the same.

Making Effective Decisions

  • An ability to speak with relevant people in order to obtain the most accurate information and seek advice when unable to proceed.
  • Monitor and store critical data securely and accurately, confidentially and responsibly.

Leading and Communicating

  • Listen to, understand, respect and accept the value of different views, ideas and ways of working.
  • Put forward your own ideas in a clear and constructive manner, choosing an appropriate communication method.

Collaborating and Partnering

  • Readily identify opportunities to share knowledge, information and learning and make progress by working with others, and other organisations.
  • Proactively seek others with whom collaboration would deliver benefit.

Building Capability for All

  • Take responsibility for quality of your own work and seek opportunities for improvement through continuous improvement.
  • Take account of the diverse contributions of team members.

Achieving Commercial Outcomes

  • Recognise factors which contribute to achievement of commercial outcome and proactively support them.
  • Gather and use evidence to assess the costs, benefits and risks of a range of delivery options.

Delivering value for money

  • Understand that all actions have a cost and choose the most effective way to do something in a resource efficient way.
  • Handle numbers confidently, collating information ensuring accuracy of data.

Managing a Quality Service

  • Work with team to set priorities, create clear plans and manage own work to meet the needs of the delivery teams.
  • Communicate in a way which meets and anticipates the customer’s requirements and promotes an effective view of SVGC.


  • Opportunity to play a significant part within a small and growing business.
  • Joining unique programmes to learn, grow and excel, by learning on-the-job, learning from others and through formal learning.
  • Work in a supportive culture with access to a wide range of people to support your development – with professional qualifications and mentoring to help you steer your career in your chosen direction. Be at the heart of the digital revolution in globally important organisations.
  • Earn a competitive salary, with 28 days holiday plus bank holidays and the ability to design a flexible benefits package to meet your personal needs.
  • SVGC is based in Wiltshire but you will be operating partly from home and partly in various locations, mainly on the M4 corridor.


  • SVGC provides and active approach to professional development with a centrally funded budget including full scope of EdX courses available to all our staff.
  • Coaching and mentoring is provided utilising the best experience across our collaborative partnership to provide a wide range of formal and informal accelerated development.


  • Entitlement to join the company Medical Insurance scheme.
  • Additional Health related benefits.
  • IT and Mobile Phone.
  • Starting Salary (employed) SVGC F2 to G1 grade (£60,900 to £71,050) based on individual skills and experience.
  • Entitlement to join the company Pension scheme.
  • Company performance bonus scheme.


Assessment methods

  • Work history review
  • Triage Interview followed by second interview including presentation on relevant topic

Evaluation weighting

Technical criteria: 50%
Cultural criteria: 30%
Cost: 20%

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