Technology Services 3 (TS3)

(Lot 1, Lot 2, Lot 3d)

The Technology Services 3 framework enables customers to procure information and communication technology services across the entire lifecycle; from strategy through to transition and operational deployment.

The new agreement builds on the success of the Technology Services 2 (TS2) framework, adding refinements to the Lots and making it easier and more efficient for customers to procure IT services.

TS3 launches in July 2021 and runs for 4 years. Call-off contract durations can be from 2 to 7 years. It replaces TS2, which is due to expire in September 2021.

Crown Commercial Framework

Management Consultancy Framework 3 (MCF3)

(Lot 2, Lot 6)

The Management Consultancy Framework Three enables central government and wider public sector customers to access cost-effective consultancy advice from a range of suppliers across business, strategy and policy, complex and transformation work, finance, HR, procurement and supply chain, health, social care and community, infrastructure including transport, and environmental sustainability and socio-economic development.

The Crown Commerical Service RM6187 Management Consultancy Framework Three (MCF3) replaces previous government consulting frameworks (MCF1 and MCF2) and is valid until 2025.

Lot 2: Strategy and Policy Provision of strategic objective advice relating to corporate strategies or government policy. This may include identification of options with recommendations as well as implementation and delivery.

Lot 6: Procurement and Supply Chain

Provision of objective advice in relation to procurement and supply chain. This may include identification of options with recommendations as well as implementation and delivery.

Crown Commercial Framework


Astrid will provide a flexible, long-term contracting mechanism to support Defence and Security decision making across Government. The scope of ASTRID is mostly the same as the ASC Framework used to be, including analysis and decision support in the following areas:


Strategy, Policy and Enterprise Level


Capability and Investment Level


Defence and Security Business Space


Enabling Analysis Services to include:

  • Development, operation, modification and maintenance of models and tools
  • Collection and collation of required data
  • Emerging Science & Technology
Astrid Framework

Aurora Futures Lab

Futures Lab is a responsive service providing impartial advice and expertise to UK MOD Front Line Commands and DE&S.

Futures Lab

DO 6

SVGC has been approved as a supplier on the Crown Commercial Service DO 6 Framework, in the following two lots (1&3) Digital Outcomes and User Research Participants.

The DO 6 Framework is designed to help the public sector buy, design, build and deliver bespoke solutions that support digital transformation of public services, and is now the primary way that central government buys the skills and services required to build digital teams.

There are many benefits to this approach. Not only is the buyer reassured they are working with trusted, government approved experts, DO 6 also makes it easy for buyers and suppliers to communicate in a more productive way in advance of applying for a tender. This saves time, money and resources for both the buying organisation and the supplier.


DO 6 Framework Lots 1 & 3

1. Digital Outcomes

Performance analysis and data


Service delivery


Software development

Support and operations
Testing and auditing
User experience and design
User research
3. User Research Participants
Participant characteristics
Assisted digital and accessibility requirements
Number of research rounds
Number of participants per round
Research dates and times
Crown Commercial Supplier

G-Cloud 13

SVGC are proud to have been named as a new supplier on the Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud 13 Framework.

This framework assists all public sector organisations to purchase cloud-based computing services such as hosting, software and cloud support.

G-Cloud 13 replaces G-Cloud 12 and introduces improved terms and conditions, and inclusion of the latest procurement policies, including prompt payment and social value.

SVGC will be providing services under Lots 1-3:

Lot 1 Cloud Hosting (PaaS, IaaS) – cloud platform or infrastructure, which allows buyers to deploy, manage and run software, and provision and use processing, storage or networking resources;

Lot 2 Cloud Software (SaaS) – applications which are accessed over the internet and hosted in the cloud;

Lot 3 Cloud Support – to help set up and maintain cloud software or hosting services.

  • Cloud Migration Planning
  • Set Up and Migration
  • Security Services
  • Quality Assurance and
  • Performance Testing
  • Training Ongoing Support

At SVGC, we believe in supporting the public sector make great decisions. G-Cloud 13 allows the public sector the opportunity to engage with us as an SME, and our Transformation and Digital Design services are centred around providing effective and efficient business processes that enable transformative change.

Crown Commercial Supplier


Maritime focussed, dynamic, diverse and inclusive framework primed by QinetiQ Ltd and including members from Industry Tier 1Organisations, SMEs and Academia. The aim of the framework is to have a collaborative approach between Dstl, QinetiQ and the Community of Interest to deliver Maritime, Above Water and Underwater, related S&T Research across the range of TRL levels



the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register

JOSCAR (the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register) is a collaborative tool used by the aerospace, defence and security industry to act as a single repository for pre-qualification and compliance information. Using JOSCAR can determine if a supplier is “fit for business”.



VIVACE is a consortium of security industry partners with the objective to facilitate ACE on behalf of the Home Office’s (HO) Communications Capabilities Development (CCD) programme, supporting the UK police and wider law enforcement agencies. The aim of ACE is to provide innovative and agile solutions to problems in the communications data space. The mission is to turn the ‘months to years’ development cycle into ‘weeks to months’.

VIVACE consists of several Core Team members, including QinetiQ, Atos, IBM, and Thales and others. The Core Team is responsible for the operation of ACE and managing the delivery process to the HO.

ACE is intended to accommodate multiple ICT systems as the capability evolves and matures.


R Cloud

R-Cloud offers research contracting opportunities across Dstl’s nine priority S&T capabilities and welcomes membership from UK and international research suppliers. It is used for both Counter-Terrorism and S&T activity. This framework should be used to place contracts for experimental and applied research where the Technology Readiness Level is between 1 and 6, and where the Intellectual Property rests with the supplier. The R-cloud framework restricts the level of subcontracting allowed by suppliers.