ISO 44001 Accreditation and What it Means for Your Project

by | Jul 5, 2021


You’ve probably heard of ISO 44001, but what does this actually mean when selecting a company to partner with on your projects? We explain the ins and outs of ISO 44001 accreditation and the benefits of working with an ISO 44001 accredited partner.

ISO 44001 Background

ISO 44001 is the international standard for Collaborative Business Relationship. Superseding BS 11000, ISO 44001 is about driving organisational mindset and culture towards collaboration, rather than a document focussed approach delivering on contractual obligations.

Developed by the Institute for Collaborative Working, ISO 44001 began as a way to consolidate knowledge and establish a route map for collaborative working. As the method developed, research highlighted the growth and demand for more complex business operating models and the British Standards Institution (BSI) engaged to create a national standard.

In 2013 the decision was taken to build on the success of the British standard by developing it through the International community which resulted in the publication of ISO 44001.

The Benefits of Working with ISO 44001 Accredited Companies

Collaborative working provides benefits to organisations in many sectors, especially for relationships or supply chains that are complex with high levels of risk and investment.

By partnering with an ISO 44001 accredited partner you can expect to achieve the following benefits:

  • Successfully deliver projects that rely on a number of parties to achieve success
  • Build long term relationships that create an ecosystem of resource, skills and competence sharing
  • Manage risks associated with entering into relationships
  • Improve and demonstrate contract management and delivery
  • Provide access to new business opportunities with major supply chains.

At SVGC, collaboration is the mainspring of our client and partner relationships. Our ISO 44001 accreditation, and qualified collaboration leaders means we offer significant experience to improve stakeholder engagement in the most complex business transformation programmes. We also chair the Institute of Collaborative Working’s Small Business Forum.

If you’d like to know more about partnering with SVGC and our collaborative services get in touch today.

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