SVGC Achieves Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

by | Jun 3, 2024

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SVGC is proud to announce its re-certification for Cyber Essentials Plus, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in cyber security.

Achieving Cyber Essentials Plus certification is a rigorous process that delves deeper into an organization’s security protocols compared to the standard Cyber Essentials certification. Few vendors and consultancies can claim this prestigious certification, highlighting SVGC’s dedication to compliance with the government-backed cyber security standard. This achievement offers significant reassurance to our customers and colleagues.


Understanding the Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

The rise in cyber-related crimes poses a growing concern for UK businesses. Cyber Essentials is a UK-wide, government-backed certification designed to help companies guard against the most common cyber threats and reduce business risk by at least 80%.

By encouraging UK businesses to adopt best practices in information security, Cyber Essentials identifies the security controls a business must implement within their IT systems. This ensures effective management of cyber security and mitigation of internet-based threats.

To achieve certification, a CyberSmart qualified auditor conducts a comprehensive assessment to verify that the necessary controls are in place. This includes an in-depth audit of the business’s security measures.

Cyber Essentials Plus represents the highest level of accreditation, awarded through an independent assessment of a business’s security controls and processes. Due to its stringent external verification measures, Cyber Essentials Plus is often regarded as the most reliable certification.


Demonstrating Our Commitment to Cyber Security

Cyber Essentials focuses on protecting data and programs on networks, computers, servers, and other IT infrastructure components. As a prescriptive standard, it ensures that a business has implemented the five essential controls required by the certification.

At SVGC, these policies and procedures reflect our dedication to protecting both our own and our customers’ data. Maintaining a proactive approach to cyber security is a core value for us.

Dr. Andrew Dixon, Managing Director of SVGC, comments:

“I am delighted to announce that, after an enormous amount of work by my colleagues, SVGC has once again achieved Cyber Essentials Plus Certification. This marks the 8th year we have maintained this standard.

Our commitment to these credentials is vital for SVGC’s operations. They demonstrate our dedication to working in secure and safe digital environments, enabling us to fulfill Government contracts under the Cyber Essentials Plus Certification. These contracts often involve handling sensitive private and personal data, which must be managed with the utmost security.”

About SVGC

SVGC believes in supporting the public sector to make great decisions. Effective and efficient business processes are a vital part of this, and our Transformation and Digital Design services are centred around making this happen. Our ongoing efforts in maintaining top-tier security certifications underscore our commitment to excellence and the protection of our clients’ data.

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