Victoria Hatwell | Interview

by | Oct 29, 2021

Victoria Hatwell

SVGC Staff Profiles

At SVGC we’re proud to be a small business formed of experienced, highly qualified people operating on a national platform.

Our team collectively has vast knowledge of strategic planning, public sector decisions, innovative technologies, data science and agile working methodologies. Get to know Victoria, who is a Senior Consultant in Systems Engineering and also one of our Directors of SVGC Associates.

Victoria is experienced in working across the Defence industry focusing predominantly on through-life Requirements and Capability Management & acceptance. Victoria is actively involved in academic outreach programmes; building approachable, unique and innovative working relationships between industry and education.

What are your ‘must haves’ to start the working day?

I always walk my twelve-year old dog, Crumble – we used to run together when he was younger, but now we both just wander! After the dog walk, with a flask of tea, I’m ready to get down to work.

What’s your proudest work achievement to date?

Getting to this point in my career and knowing that I contribute on a level that makes a real difference to the customers is very satisfying, but what I think I’m most proud of is the STEM work. I spend half a day a month working with schools as part of STEM outreach – encouraging children to learn about science through getting their hands dirty – literally! – making a mess and learning more about the subjects through doing fun activities. I’m really proud of this contribution, in giving back to education and I think I get more of it than any of the students do!

Also, I think that there can be a tendency to constantly focus on what we didn’t tick off the list each day, but sometimes, what we can be most proud of in a day is perhaps something that seems small – like just getting through a day of back to back meetings. I always feel better helping others to get up to speed (for example, helping a new starter). There is so much variation in the work that we do, working on different programmes, and often, someone new may just need a couple of hours to get up to speed and then we can both get on with the project work.

What do you love most about what you do?

I get to work with and speak to some incredible people – particularly our military based clients – they have amazing stories. When working with them, I feel that we’re forced to come out of the bubble where we sit writing the requirements – and into the world in which these are used, and appreciate the vital work that so many of them do.

The people that I get to work with and the level at which they operate really helps put the importance of the work we do into perspective and reminds me why what we do matters. And I love knowing that I can help these people keep doing these essential jobs.

What does your typical working day look like?

It’s that old – but true – cliché, that every day is different, and that’s especially true as I work on different programmes. In my two roles as a Systems Engineer and Director of SVGC Associates this allows me to develop a better understanding of the business side, and then in the following hour I can be digging down into the technical elements of Capability Management. I love this variety and feel as if my mind is happily buzzing on most days.

When you hit a wall, what do you do to help overcome it?

If I’ve just written some notes and I’m trying to take them in, I rewrite my notes in a fun coloured pen. Colour helps me organise my brain a little bit – because my brain reads it differently when it’s in a different colour (bright green or pink as my brain thinks it’s fun stuff to do!) – I’d really recommend this trick if you get stuck!

If that doesn’t work, and I don’t have meetings, then I go for a walk with Crumble (the dog!) and if I’m still stuck, I’m lucky to have friendly colleagues that I can ring to get another perspective.

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