Becky Davies | Interview

by | Nov 6, 2023

Becky Davies

At SVGC we’re proud to be a small business formed of experienced, highly qualified people operating on a national platform.

Our team collectively has vast knowledge of strategic planning, public sector decisions, innovative technologies, data science and agile working methodologies. Get to know, Becky Davies, our new Technology Project Manager.

What are your ‘must haves’ to start the working day?

Although not a ‘must have’, more of a ‘must do’, most of my days start with feeding the array of animals we have, including walking the dog before the workday starts.

What’s your proudest work achievement to date?

When looking at the big picture, it would be my progression from a Psychology background and moving into a career in cyber and technology. I sometimes take for granted the amount of effort and dedication that was required from me to do this. Not knowing the difference between IT & cyber at the time meant so many evenings were filled with homework and CPD.

On a project level, developing a MDR’s onboarding process from scratch with no prior knowledge of EDR & SIEM technologies or engineering whilst ensuring clients were onboarded in a professional and timely manner was one of my proudest achievements. Being able to handover a step-by-step process after 10 months of hard graft was incredibly satisfying.

What do you love most about what you do?

I always say that I think Project Management found me, rather than me finding it. Being a slightly self-confessed control freak, Project Management was a good fit for my natural talents of organisation, planning and time management.

I really enjoy being able to work autonomously with some aspects of projects, but also within a team to deliver client’s requirements. Being a Project Manager in a small business means you interact with different departments such as sales, commercial, operations, finance, customer satisfaction (the list goes on). This results in an appreciation of all areas of business which in turn has made me a well-rounded Project Manager.

What does your typical working day look like?

I’m a big believer in planning in advance with the help of daily to-do lists, so I really try to plan my day, however sometimes that list gets thrown aside when a priority piece of work has been tasked.

Managing multiple projects of different sizes, complexities and deliverables mean that I could start my morning scoping out a new requirement, lunchtime could be a check in with internal teams (ops, finance etc) and the afternoon could be planning for next year’s continuation of the programme.

When you hit a wall workwise, what do you do to help overcome the hurdle?

If it’s a specific work problem then I’d typically lean on my colleagues for suggestions of resolution, they may have a different way of viewing the same problem. Its sometimes difficult to see the wood through the trees within Project Management, so getting a more high-level, big picture view can be helpful.

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